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Determination and validation of transcriptomic and metabolite biomarkers for dietary soybean meal utilization

Genomic and physiological assessment to identify changes allowing high-soy use in genetically-improved lines of rainbow trout

A Study on the Potential Economic Benefits of Manufacturing and Use of Taurine for Inclusion in Aquafeeds in the U.S.

Taurine: Critical Supplement for Marine Fish Feed

Evaluation of SPC as a Partial Substitute for Fishmeal in the Diet for Rainbow Trout in Lake Titicaca, Peru 2013

Soy protein concentrates in salmonid diets

Soybean Meal Aquaculture Database Established

Use of Soybean Meals in Diets of Salmon and Trout

Use of Soybean Meal in the Diets of Omnivorous Freshwater Fish

Soybean Meal Aquaculture Database Established