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For Aquaculture Industry Professionals

U.S. soybean farmers are an essential partner in the prosperity of the aquaculture community, and are helping to revolutionize aquaculture globally.  Soybean farmers in America’s Heartland provide a consistent, healthy and efficient source of protein that nourishes the fish that feed families around the world.

U.S. Grown Quality

• Soybean meal is consistent in quality, and is produced in a range of protein levels to suit the needs of the aquaculture industry.
• Soybean meal has the best amino acid complex of all of the plant protein ingredients.
• Soybean meal is highly digestible to most cultured fish and shrimp species.


• Soybean meal provides a consistent product to fish farmers, which in turn allows farmers to supply consumers, chefs and retailers with fish of consistent quality, size and supply.


• Soybean meal has a significantly lower cost than most animal feeds, and a much lower cost than fishmeal/fish oil.
• Soy protein can replace animal proteins in feeds for freshwater and marine fish with rapid fish growth and low feed conversion ratios.


• Availability of a high-quality, renewable protein product like soybean meal is critical to the future of the global aquaculture industry.
• Soybean production has increased more than tenfold in the past four decades, and can sustain this growth in the coming years.