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Pacu Fingerling Production with Soy-Based Feeds: Nanjing

Year Published: 
Results of ASA/China 2003 Feeding Trial 35-03-109
Michael C. Cremer, Zhang Jian and Zhou Enhua
American Soybean Association

A feeding trial was conducted near Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, to demonstrate fry to fingerling growth of pacu using the ASA 80:20 pond production model and ASA soymeal-based feeds. Juvenile fish were stocked in three, 4.0-mu (0.27-ha) ponds at a density of 7,000 pacu and 1,000 silver carp per mu (105,000 pacu and 15,000 silver carp per hectare). Pacu grew from 1.6 g to an average weight of 22 g per fish in 59 days of feeding, with an average FCR of 0.50:1.

Product Classification: 
Soybean Meal
Region Classification: 
North Asia
Technology Classification: 
80:20 Freshwater
Freshwater Species Classification: