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Performance of Pompano Fed Soy-Optimized, Extruded Feed Using ASA-IM Low Volume High Density Cages in Vung Tau Province, Vietnam

Year Published: 
Results of ASA-IM/Soy-in-Aquaculture 2007 Feeding Demonstration Project
Lukas Manomaitis and Michael C. Cremer
American Soybean Association International Marketing (ASA-IM)

A feeding demonstration was conducted in Vung Tau Province in southern Vietnam to demonstrate the growth of pompano (Trachinotus blochii) using the ASA-IM culture methodology in 8-m3 cages. Pompano fingerings of size 28 g were stocked into three 8-m3 cages at 570 fish per cage and cultured according to the ASA-IM low volume, high density (LVHD) cage methodology. Fish in the three cages were fed a soybean meal optimized, extruded 43% protein, 12% fat (43/12) feed that was produced in China. After 67 days of culture, fish grown using the ASA-IM LVHD methodology and fed the soy-optimized feed grew to an average of 201 g, with an average gross production of 113 kg/cage (14 kg/m3), an average FCR of 1.84 and an average survival of 99%.

Product Classification: 
Soybean Meal
Region Classification: 
Southeast Asia
Technology Classification: 
LVHD Cage Technology
Saltwater Species Classification: