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Second Year Production of Common Carp in Ponds with Extruded Soybased Feed and Zero Water Discharge Technology

Year Published: 
Results of ASA-IM 2010 Feeding Demonstration U-35-10-511
Zhou Enhua, Zhang Jian and Michael C. Cremer
merican Soybean Association-International Marketing

The second year of a three-year cooperative pond feeding demonstration series was jointly conducted in 2010 by the American Soybean Association International Marketing (ASA-IM) program, the Shanxi Provincial Fishery Extension Center and the Datong Municipal Fishery Extension Center Demonstration Farm in Shanxi Province, China. The objective was to demonstrate the production performance of common carp in ponds with the ASA-IM 32/61soymeal-based growout feed and to evaluate the technical feasibility of using the same pond water for the continued operation of fish production for three years with the ASA-IM 80:20 pond production model and zero water discharge technology as a water conservation technique.

Product Classification: 
Soybean Meal
Region Classification: 
North Asia
Technology Classification: 
80:20 Freshwater
Freshwater Species Classification: 
Common Carp