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Tilapia LVHD Cage Production with 24%, 28%, 32% and 36% Protein Soy-Based Feeds

Year Published: 
Results of ASA-IM China 2010 Feeding Demon U-35-10-512
Zhou Enhua, Zhang Jian, Michael C. Cremer and Timothy O’Keefe
American Soybean Association - International Marketing

A tilapia feeding demonstration was jointly conducted in 2010 by the American Soybean Association International Marketing (ASA-IM) and the Hainan Fish Breeding Farm of the Beijing Municipal Fishery Extension Center, Haikou City, Hainan Province. The objective of the demonstration was to demonstrate the optimal feed protein level for maximizing economic return for tilapia cultured in low volume, high density (LVHD) cages. The demonstration compared tilapia growth and production cost with feeds varying in protein level from 24% to 36%. Optimizing feed protein level is critical to maximizing economic return in tilapia operations, where the current economic environment and increasing competition have narrowed profit opportunities.

Product Classification: 
Soybean Meal
Region Classification: 
North Asia
Technology Classification: 
LVHD Cage Technology
Freshwater Species Classification: