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Soy-Fed Fish Species

USB and USSEC are focused on the development of aquafeeds that are formulated with renewable, plentiful, and high-quality U.S. soy protein. The availability and cost-effectiveness of these feeds are key in allowing the aquaculture industry to continue to grow to meet demand for healthful fish and seafood.

Feeds with all-plant protein (containing no fishmeal like or animal meal) have been developed for a variety of freshwater, omnivorous species, including numerous carp, catfish, tilapia and other species. In marine fish feeds, the emphasis has been on partial replacement of fishmeal with high-protein soybean meal to reduce both feed cost and demand on limited fishmeal stocks. Additional work with key marine species is underway to develop primarily plant protein aquafeeds, using a combination of high-protein soybean meal and soy protein concentrate, to further reduce dependence on fishmeal from wild-caught resources.