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Pangasius catfish utilize all-plant protein, soy-based feeds very efficiently.

USSEC's International Soy in Aquaculture Program has focused on developing, testing, and demonstrating the value of U.S. soy products in freshwater aquafeeds for major farmed species around the world.

USSEC works collaboratively with producers, feed manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and other ancillary industry sectors to address all aspects of the production cycle for these species.

Soybean meal can serve as the primary protein source in all-plant protein diets for freshwater omnivores, sparing more expensive fishmeals and animal meals for more specialized feeds.

Soy protein concentrate has been shown to be effective in replacing fishmeal in the fingerling diets in freshwater omnivore diets, allowing production of all-plant protein diets for all life stages of the majority of the cultured freshwater fish species.

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