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Intensive Pond Aquaculture Technology Transfer


See how U.S. soybean farmers are helping Chinese fish farmers to revolutionize aquaculture in China, the world’s largest fish farming country.

The U.S. soybean industry funded research to develop the Integrated Pond Aquaculture (IPA) system, which has been provided to China in a technology transfer. The IPA system has been proven to triple the yield of farmed fish in existing Chinese ponds while greatly reducing the environmental impact. Limited water resources can be conserved and recycled, with waste removed for use as biofuel and fertilizer. This system can grow healthy, high quality fish with increased food safety to meet the needs of a growing population.


Meet A Fish Farmer


Regal Springs' tilapia farm in Honduras is a good example of a modern aquaculture success story. The fish are raised from hatch to harvest with sustainable soy-based feed, and then processed with every part of the fish utilized with no waste.

This is the first farm to be certified sustainable by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, meeting stringent standards for healthful fish, environmental impact, and community support.



Meet the farmers at Pacifico Aquaculture - an innovative fish farm off of Ensenada, Mexico, and their partners at Hubbs - Sea World Research Institute. The farm raises white sea bass and other local finfish with sustainable soy-based feed.