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North Asia


China is the largest producer of cultured fish and shrimp products globally, producing more than 20 million metric tons annually and supplying nearly 60% of global production. Freshwater production is dominated by several carp species, including aquafeed-fed grass carp, common carp, crucian carp and black carp; and filter feeding silver and bighead carp, tilapia, wuchang bream, and a variety of lesser produced species. Marine aquaculture is dominated by shrimp production in ponds, and marine fish production in near-shore ocean cages.

China has been the focal point of the marketing effort by USSEC's International Soy in Aquaculture Program. Field trials began in China in 1992 on fish nutrition, feed-based aquaculture technologies, and the application of soy product in feeds for farmed freshwater fish. The USSEC feeding trials with marine finfish began in 1999.

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