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North Asia


China is the largest producer of cultured fish and shrimp products globally, producing more than 20 million metric tons annually and supplying nearly 60% of global production. Freshwater production is dominated by several carp species, including aquafeed-fed grass carp, common carp, crucian carp and black carp; and filter feeding silver and bighead carp, tilapia, wuchang bream, and a variety of lesser produced species. Marine aquaculture is dominated by shrimp production in ponds, and marine fish production in near-shore ocean cages.

China has been the focal point of the marketing effort by the American Soybean Association-International Marketing. Field trials began in China in 1992 on fish nutrition, feed-based aquaculture technologies, and the application of soy product in feeds for farmed freshwater fish. The ASA-IM feeding trials with marine finfish began in 1999.

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Aquaculture in Japan is focused on yellowtail and sea bream production for domestic consumption.
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Korea is an emerging producer of cultured marine fish, with a focus on flounder and rockfish production. Flounder production is primarily in land-based tanks in southern Korea, especially on Jeju Island. Rockfish production is primarily in ocean cages.

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Taiwan has a long tradition of aquaculture and is a leader in marine fish breeding and hatchery production research and development.

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